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Mark Burr


Mark Burr leads the Public Affairs team at Hawthorn, covering government relations, political engagement and campaigns, policy development and messaging, and regulation. He advises individuals and corporates on how to achieve positive policy outcomes and navigate and understand the political climate, putting this insight to effective use on behalf of clients.

Mark uses political intelligence, insights, and his extensive networks to develop and drive political strategies. He builds effective and creative campaigns and enjoys using a variety of political and media techniques.

Prior to joining Hawthorn, Mark worked at another consultancy, and before that, he ran News Corp and News UK’s EU and UK public affairs and government engagement.

Mark has a keen interest in understanding what motivates people to change their minds and how the media and technology are transforming the world.

Outside of work, Mark loves cycling, running, and tennis, and he is an avid reader of crime and spy novels.

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