Political advisory

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Our political advisory team has years of combined experience in Westminster, Whitehall, devolved administrations, local government and across the spectrum of political parties, as well as experts from print media, international institutions, think tanks, trade associations and regulatory bodies.

We work with clients to develop compelling political messaging and engagement strategies and drive forward impactful campaigns that achieve political, policy and regulatory goals. We have strong networks across all political parties and the policy-making community. We work across clients in the tech, media, financial services, energy and infrastructure sectors supporting some of the globe’s largest brands in their political engagement.

  • Enhancing profile and reputation across government and Parliament
  • Political intelligence and insights
  • Events and engagement support
  • Regulatory, policy and legislative affairs
  • Strategic engagement programs and counsel
  • Risk mitigation strategies
  • Preparedness for public inquiries and select committee appearances, consultation papers, formal submissions to government and policy consultations
  • Informal networking building opportunities
  • Parliamentary and regulatory and monitoring

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