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The dawn of a new era

The intensity of the snap election campaign risked masking the significance of what was about to happen. With the polls close to accurate, the night belonged to Labour. 

The UK has had a Conservative Prime Minister since 2010 and a majority Conservative government since 2015. The Labour Party hasn’t won a general election since 2005, under Tony Blair. In that context, the change that last night’s results could yield are set to be truly seismic. 

It’s now certain that everything will change. The government, Parliament, the House of Lords and our wider constitutional settlement will now change. One way or another, our economy will also change – as will our relationships abroad and the political priorities at home. 

A consequence of Labour’s impressively disciplined campaign was the surprising lack of detail about how they intend to govern and what exactly they intend to do beyond the “first steps” they announced. For businesses of all sizes and across all sectors, there will be an urgent necessity to understand the scale and impact of the change that will result from last night’s results. 

At Hawthorn Advisors, our experts are ready to help you navigate the consequences, risks, and opportunities of this change. 

What we offer:

UK will have a new Government and a new Parliament, and Hawthorn’s political advisory team is ready to help you engage with this new world:

  • Engagement strategy with new MPs
  • Hawthorn political check-in
  • Hawthorn’s new Parliament guide
  • Parliamentary and government messaging
  • Party conference concierge package
  • Political risk, audit and opportunity report –
    the Hawthorn ‘sense check’
  • Sector-specific policy development
  • Select committee training
  • Read more

Meet the Political Advisory Team

Mark Burr
Grace Skelton
Dan Patten
James Cowling
Senior Consultant
Holly Highfield
Alice Jones
Senior Analyst

The Hawthorn Headliner is our fortnightly public affairs bulletin, where our experts bring you insights and analysis on politics and policy.

If you’d like to speak to Hawthorn Advisors about our Political Advisory offering, please email Mark Burr at

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