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The Importance Of Curiosity by Holly Youles

What did you want to be when you were younger?

There were numerous ‘jobs’ I wanted to pursue when I was younger, mostly to do with sports or being outside. Growing up in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by nothing but farms and fields, there was a point when I thought I would pursue a career in agriculture.

But, I’ve always had an interest in the news and current affairs and would always try and keep up with the news during secondary school, so always thought a career in journalism would fit the bill…

So, it seems quite natural that I find myself in public relations. It suits me in terms of my interests and provides the variation I realised I needed once I left university.

How does working in your first job feel? Has it met your expectations?

I left university in a bit of limbo where I fancied going travelling but we were still in the Covid-19 era where travelling was severely limited. So going into a full-time job wasn’t what I had originally anticipated.

I was quite naive about the workplace. It’s a whole new level of organisation and staying on top of a lot of moving parts. It doesn’t quite compare to writing a 16,000 word dissertation…I enjoy the flexibility of not having to attend the office five days a week and the ability to change your working environment so freely.

How have you overcome the challenges that you have faced in your role?

I’m quite good at putting things into perspective. If I have a bad day in the office or get irritated by something, I remind myself that I’m lucky to be in the position I am in and that this job is “PR, not ER”! You suddenly begin to realise you have to work with people you wouldn’t naturally choose to work with, and I think adjusting to this takes longer than you realise. I always believe it is important to remember though that the variation in who you work with is essential to building your experience and provides life lessons for future jobs.

What career advice would you give to your younger self?

Never doubt yourself! There have been too many occasions where I have been told by schoolteachers, sports coaches and even my own parents that I wouldn’t be able to achieve x, y, or z. Sometimes they are right, but if you believe you can achieve something, back yourself and pursue whatever you have set out to do!