Johanna Pemberton,

Johanna is a communications specialist advising corporates, governments and individuals across a variety of sectors on their corporate messaging, reputation management, stakeholder engagement and media profile. Johanna advises Hawthorn’s sustainable development clients, across a number of specialisms from environmental to social impact, both in the UK and internationally, particularly in Africa. She also focuses on Hawthorn’s real estate clients operating across the UK and is part of the team working on Hawthorn’s 100s project, which aims to improve visibility of senior business women in the media.

Johanna joined Hawthorn from Durham University in 2016, where she read English Literature, studying subjects from the Old English language to modern day terrorist fiction. A fluent German speaker, she worked with Ursula Groden-Kranich during her Bundestag election campaign in 2013 and interned at her parliamentary office in Berlin in 2014, helping with her work around families, women and EU politics.

A keen netballer, Johanna can be found getting competitive on the court in the evenings or indulging in her life-long passion for Manchester City at the weekends.



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