We build programs that integrate our core skills, experience and networks.


  • Narrative Building

    Effective communications starts with a strong narrative. We help build our clients' messages into powerful stories that will resonate with their most important audiences.

  • Media Engagement

    The power of the media remains imperative in building and maintaining reputations, leading dialogue and achieving important commercial objectives. We advise clients on media strategy and implement media engagement programmes that deliver effective results.

  • Investor Relations

    Our capabilities are not limited to communications alone. We work with companies on their financial calendar and broader investor relations programmes. We challenge our clients to think differently and make their narrative easily accessible to all stakeholders (including investors).

  • Research and Thought Leadership

    Smart content evidenced by strong data combined with fresh perspectives allow our clients to enhance their reputations as leaders. We work with our clients to formulate these content ideas, package them and then deliver them with impact.

  • Campaigns

    Campaigns create momentum, raise awareness and help to shift opinions on the issues that matter to our clients. We work with them to curate these campaigns, which can either be short bursts of impact or more sustained initiatives, integrating ideas from the public, private and third sectors, as well as media, academia and global networks.

  • Copywriting

    Our team’s broad range of backgrounds means that we are able to draft intelligent, concise and authentic content for our clients - whether for websites, social media channels and marketing materials or for op-eds, articles, blogs or investor communications.

  • Networks and Partnerships

    Delivering programmes that connect people across networks is a central component to many of the communications mandates that we deliver. Across government, business, investors and the media we have access to a broad range of groups which help our clients develop their own networks.

  • Design and digital

    We work with best-in-class design partners to build or refresh websites and create digital content that ensures our clients' messages and brand are reflected consistently and authentically online. By using social media and digital platforms to create a network of influence, we bring our clients closer to their audiences and stakeholders.

  • Video and animation

    Hawthorn writes, produces, directs and oversees videos that bring our clients' businesses to life. We work with best-in-class animators and videographers to deliver everything from animations, trailers and event coverage to capturing the story of our clients' companies or their views on the future of their industries.

  • Training

    Hawthorn delivers a range of training courses for our clients and wider network, including one-off or ongoing support for those stepping into new leadership positions, engaging with the media (particularly broadcast media) or wanting to have more impact via speeches, including TED-style talks.

  • Events

    Events can help define perspectives, engage new audiences and build new relationships with important constituencies. Hawthorn develops and delivers events for its clients – whether to launch new products and services or to convene a group of exceptional individuals who can have real impact on the issue at hand.

  • ESG

    ESG was once a niche compliance exercise but should now be part of an organisation’s core strategy. Those organisations that make ESG policies an integral part of their culture and business are attracting and retaining talent, reducing risk and delivering greater value. Our approach is based on creating an ESG strategy, implementing it within the business and telling the story, while measuring and evaluating performance.