Building legacies in an age of amnesia

It has long been held that human memory is rapidly adapting in line with the proliferation of new technologies and modes of communication.

According to an emerging body of thought, the greater your use of digital platforms, and the more frequently you revert to your smartphone to access information on-the-go, the weaker your short term recall function.

Charting the battlegrounds of Britain’s Brexit election

With yesterday’s shock announcement of a snap general election to take place on 8 June, Theresa May not only u-turned on the government’s repeated commitment to the electoral timetable laid out by the Fixed-term Parliaments Act; she also revealed a capacity for political theatre sharply at odds with her self-proclaimed, more prosaic preference for ‘getting the job done’.

Hammond’s plan to get Britain out of a post-Brexit jam

Yesterday’s Autumn Statement was the first real glimpse of the government’s plans for post-Brexit Britain and the latest insight into Theresa May’s programme to establish a political legacy that is not dominated by the UK’s exit from the EU.