Hawthorn Breakfast Series: Zac Goldsmith MP

Hawthorn was delighted to host Zac Goldsmith MP, Member for Richmond Park, at a breakfast roundtable recently with senior business leaders. Zac reflected candidly on his parliamentary career to date, running for London Mayor and the positive green agenda the government is driving forward. He talked passionately about his continued commitment to environmental policy through his work on the Environmental Audit Committee and supporting the ongoing policy reforms at Defra by Michael Gove.  

Zac also reflected on where the centre ground of politics lies, noting the need for a review of the existing application of free markets, with a view to making sure that they work for the younger generation. He used the present housing crisis as symbolism of where this has gone wrong – asking the very poignant question, how can young people believe in capitalism if their ability to acquire capital is limited? He touched on the importance of government developing long term policy positions to encourage business investment and to drive a proactive, not reactive, agenda.