Public and private companies alike are experiencing unprecedented levels of scrutiny from fragmented audiences and via channels that were previously non-existent.

We help Chief Executives, boards and senior leadership teams to make sense of this complexity, devising communications strategies that support corporate objectives and enable organisations to take a stake in the conversations that drive public perceptions.

We often advise high-growth companies as they build market share and provide trusted counsel to the next generation of corporate leaders.


At Hawthorn, our senior team includes banking professionals who understand investor needs and devise engagement strategies for every stage of a company’s capital journey. Whether this involves seed funding, venture capital, private or public equity, we can help navigate the varied communications demands of institutional and private investors to ensure they reach their capital goals.

We are experienced across all capital market transactions (including IPOs, equity offerings and debt offerings) and can help a company think through their strategic communications, investor relations and debt investor relations requirements. We also have extensive M&A experience from working on both public and private transactions in the UK and cross border, including hostile situations and the involvement of activist investors.

Hawthorn was ranked 12th in Mergermarket's UK PR advisor league table by deal count for 2017, having advised on 27 deals.

Public Affairs

The balance of political power has shifted globally, driven by new modes of activism and influence. The tide of modern political opinion is dictated by myriad forces – many of which are beyond the control of traditional political authorities.

Hawthorn helps organisations to navigate and overcome this political risk, bridging government relations and regulatory affairs with multichannel political campaigns that shift perspectives, influence policymaking and win arguments.

Our counsel is founded on the diversity of networks and expertise that we bring into play for clients and the innovative partnerships that we can form to support clients’ political or public policy objectives.

Private Clients

We are trusted advisors to a number of private individuals and their families. We work with individuals in many different capacities, from supporting them to build their reputations in advance of or immediately after a career move, through to giving them communications advice across their business, investment and philanthropic activities.

Issues Communications

At a time when organisations and their leaders face fast-moving scrutiny from diverse stakeholder groups, the potential for reputational issues to develop into crisis situations shouldn't be underestimated.

Hawthorn works with clients to prepare for crisis scenarios before issues arise, enabling clients to take control of a crisis situation from the outset.

We have significant experience advising leaders and organisations across a wide range of industries and sectors in crisis communications – from international legal disputes and product recalls, to industrial incidents and employee malpractice.

We help build advocacy from within.  Internal communications and change management are critical to building shared understanding and meaning within organisations, but also to ensuring that our clients' colleagues are supporting the external communications and actively promoting the company line.

Internal communications is an important component to building stronger relationships with the company’s stakeholders.

Internal Communications