Caitlin Griffith,

Caitlin delivers astute analysis and advice to her clients which span a variety of sectors including financial services, private healthcare and market research. Since joining Hawthorn in January 2017, Caitlin has worked on a number of high-profile issues-management projects, crisis situations and M&A transactions in which she helped her clients navigate their stakeholder engagement needs and communication strategy requirements, including the development of an appropriate media profile.

Caitlin studied History at the University of Manchester focussing her research on social, cultural and political developments of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. She graduated with a first-class degree and has since gone on to develop her interest and understanding of how these factors are shaping the business landscape. Consequently, she has a strong interest in Corporate Social Responsibility and diversity in business. Caitlin is involved in Hawthorn's 100s project, providing the media with better access to senior women in business.

She is a keen musician having been a chorister in Winchester Cathedral Choir for five years


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